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Terms and conditions and care instructions

Please note before making an appointment!

1. Age of majority
I only tattoo people over the age of 18 after reading and signing the tattooing consent form.

2. Rejection of orders

Due to a negative influence on the tattoo result, I do not tattoo anybody

- under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotics
- after taking anticoagulant and / or other medication

- in the case of unsolicited use of surface anesthetics (Emla) as well as

- if you have a known allergy to ingredients in tattoo inks and /
  or other tattoo mediums or liquids.


In addition, I do not tattoo women during pregnancy or breastfeeding and I reserve the right to refuse orders without reason.

3. Cover-up

In the case of cover-up tattoos, I do not accept any liability for the permanent coverage of the old motif and I accept no liability for any aesthetically undesirable results that may arise in the course of the healing process or for irritation of the skin. A successful cover-up tattoo can possibly take more time and effort than was originally planned, the costs for this have to be borne by the customer.


4. Prices
The expected final price of a tattoo or a commission work is discussed in advance, for illustration orders I work with a cost estimate, which is valid as an order confirmation by my customers with their signature.


5. Re-stitch

The prices for my tattoos include re-stitching. After a visual inspection, a decision will be made after up to 8 weeks whether a follow-up appointment is necessary. The re-stitching appointment must be kept within 6 months of the tattoo appointment, otherwise there is a charge.

6. Care of the body part before tattooing
Skin that is not too dry favors color absorption because it is less stressed. You would do well to take optimal care of the part of the body where you have planned your tattoo in advance. You can do this with a body lotion or with panthenol-containing ointment on the appropriate part of the body. You are also welcome to care for your skin on the day of the tattoo, the care beforehand supports you with the color absorption.


7. Care of the body part after tattooing

Conscientious care is necessary for optimal healing and the associated color retention of a freshly made tattoo. In order to avoid wound infections, your fresh tattoo must be protected to sweat, animal hair, lint, dirt, oily substances or direct sunlight for the first 7 days. The healing skin that will cover the fresh tattoo afterwards must not be injured under any cir-cumstances, no excessive stretching of the skin as well as scratching or bumps must be avoided. Therefore, as a precaution, sport and sunbathing should be avoided during this time.

You can shower 3 - 4 hours after your tattoo appointment. When showering make sure that no excessive lather comes into contact with the fresh tattoo. For hygienic reasons, please pat the tattoo dry with fresh kitchen paper. Then put a thin layer panthenol-containing healing ointmend at the wound with a low fat content, to avoid a color flushing. It should be massaged very well into the skin so that there will only stay a thin layer ointment at the surface of the skin to secure the flexibility of the healing skin. It should not get damaged to avoid color bleedings. Always make sure that you only apply the necessary ointment to your skin because an excessive application can "wash out" the color of your tattoo.


In order to optimally support the skin during the healing process, the tattoo should be supplied with a thin layer of ointment at least 4 times a day. Regular application of lotion ensures the optimal color retention in the skin, and it also alleviates the itching that begins with the healing process. Under no circumstances scratch or rub, this can damage the healing skin and the color pigments introduced.


Good care ensures you an optimal quality result and is always worthwhile!


8. Wound compress

After the initial treatment of your tattoo, I will provide it with a tattoo wound compress, so that your fresh tattoo can be used for the first 24 hours which is an optimally protection. The compresses do not stick to the skin, absorb wound water and excess paint while being supplied with oxygen, so that the risk of infection is minimized.


The compress can stay on the tattoo for up to 15 hours. Afterwards, the rem-nants of the excess wound fluid as well as paint residues should be care-fully rinsed off with clean hands and water and as already described under point 8 further care should be taken.


9. Disclaimer of Liability

I am not responsible for any problems caused by tattooing. Due to the diffe-rent texture of human skin in the various body regions, in individual cases there may be unwanted running of color under the skin (blow-outs), scarring or allergic reactions.

In addition, I do not assume any liability for subsequent problems that arise or could have arisen from possibly negligent care or improper handling of the tattoo in the course of the healing process.  

At the end of your tattoo appointment, in addition to the reference to my terms and conditions and care instructions, you will also receive another one  a comprehensive explanation with the necessary protection and care measures for your fresh tattoo.


10. Colors and their ingredients

I only use professional tattoo inks that were approved for the German market until 2021 and that has never shown any complications in my 10 years of tattoo experience at my clients or my own skin. Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about the colors or any new formalities since 2022.


The tattoo inks I use are vegan and cruelty-free as well as my acrylics, colorpencils and watercolors. I always keep myself updated with new vegan art materials and the ingredients in correlation with it.

11. Disposable material

My tattoo grips and needles are, as recommended by the health department to optimally guarantee the hygienic regulations, exclusively disposable mate-rial. I am getting more and more in using supply that is environmentally sustainable to reduce the plastics in my work space as much as possible.

Taking care of our planet is a very important concern of my heart!

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